This textbook in financial management provides a basic, up-to-date
review of the nancial issues faced by companies. It teaches students
about models and methods to:
• analyse the basic financial situations faced by companies
• analyse companies
• manage company finances, including optimisation and budgeting
• analyse investments and financing options.
The book is largely aimed at students who are studying on the marketing programmes, but it will also be of interest to others, including advanced-level financial management students.
The book gives students a theoretical and practical basis from which to build up a holistic overview of key issues in financial management and decision-making processes.
The book and its associated, but separate, collection of exercises can be used to support a range of types of learning, from structured courses to independent study.
The data in the examples is available to download in Excel format from: hansreitzel.dk.

Templates and solutions to some of the assignments are also available on the website.